I'm able to passionately put my melody to your message because...

I Chose family over fame

through my struggles
I found my message


"This 1 minute video is a very small piece of my journey.  Taking the time to put this together has helped to create the blessed success that I enjoy today."

My mission is to share that with you.  What if you finally had your story captured in a way that made your ideal customer say, "This is my guy right here" or "This is my lady right here?"

Think that has the potential to change your business?

becoming MORE human MATTERS

"Human connection doesn't happen through corporate sales talk.  It happens through powerfully told stories.  That's what's on display in this video." - YAK

What if you could just be exactly who you were designed to be? Imagine having a powerful podcast intro, video intro, or custom theme song that represented you perfectly.

Now, imagine doing business with people you love because your story connected with them.


"When I realized I was Hazelwood, not Hollywood, my impact on the world changed.  Now I make income that I can be proud of."

What if you could let people know why you do what you do, in a way that moved them to take action and work with you? Imagine your podcast intro making people stop and listen... or your video intro shaking people to attention... and your custom theme song perfectly representing your story and business.

This is what's possible.

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