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Weak Content In Your Marketing Is Costing You Sales

Get Your Message Right
To Get Your Money Right

Podcast Intros

A professionally mixed intro that demands attention can be the difference between someone sticking around to listen to your show, or bouncing to another.

Video Intros

It's hard getting on video and  creating content that people will engage with.  Don't let your video intro be the reason why you're not capturing more attention.

Theme Songs

Billy Gene Is Marketing ain't no fool when it comes to content.  He's a marketing genius that knows the power of a message.  Let's get your story and message right.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Success Leaves Clues


Best selling Author of Relentless and trainer to the greats like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne Wade.  Master of mental toughness.


Founder, Hardcore Closer and Break-Free Academy.  Ryan is a 4X best selling author as well as the host of the Rewire podcast.


Founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing.  A true marketing expert that has created some of the most prolific marketing campaigns ever seen on the internet.


Published his first book, Keys to Success, at age 13 and has gone on to create an empire before turning 20.  He knows the power of a message.

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